Island Divers Cambodia  

Island Divers Cambodia

At Island Divers we do most of our diving around Koh Seh, which is a tiny island next to the border of Vietnam, approximately 30 minutes further out from Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island). We have an office in Kep, next to the pier in the Kep Ocenarium.

We are operating together with Marine Conservation Cambodia which is based on the same island, and continuously working to keep the area around the island free of illegal and destructive fishing methods.


Our SSI (Scuba Schools International) Dive Center offers try dive programs and scuba diving courses. Due to the distance from mainland if you take a dive course with us you should stay on the island for a few days so you have a chance to enjoy the remote island feeling as our tiny island, apart from our project, is uninhabited and untouched by tourism.

Please note that we are neither a classic dive center nor a resort so we do not offer holidays or accommodation on its own. You can visit our island either on a day trip or stay with us for the duration of your diving course.

It is possible to dive in Cambodia throughout the year but the best season lasts from mid-November till March.

Island Divers Cambodia on Koh Seh Island in Cambodia.

The whole area around Koh Seh is shallow, without an extensive boat trip you can hardly go deeper than 7 meters. The same fact makes the location perfect for training dives such as the Open Water Diver Course, first time experiences like Try Scuba Diving or refreshing your skills after a non-active period.

Although it is always good enough to enjoy diving, the clarity of the water therefore the underwater visibility varies depending on weather, tide and the intensity of the illegal trawling fishing. If the water is calm and the trawling was light it can be fairly clear otherwise the viz will be limited.

The island is uninhabited apart from us therefore the facilities are simple. We have six shared bungalows (each with bathroom) and a spacious main bungalow. The freshwater supply is limited and the power is based on the generator and not accessible 24 hours. Our Khmer chefs serve three meals daily and we have a small shop selling some basic goodies. Oh, yes ... cold beer is available, too.

Island Divers Cambodia on Koh Seh Island in Cambodia.

Island Divers Cambodia on Koh Seh Island in Cambodia.

Island Divers Cambodia on Koh Seh Island in Cambodia.

Our all inclusive packages:

Try Scuba Diving – a non-certifying, introductory program that takes place in a very safe, calm environment under close supervision of a dive professional. Minimum age: 10 years

It is a daytrip package that includes:
boat pick up/drop off in Kep
2 dives with full scuba equipment rental
lunch on the island
Price 85$ per person (minimum 2 guests)

Open Water Diver Course – the entry level scuba diving certification course includes theory, 5 confined and 4 open water dives.

Required time: 4 days.  Minimum age: 15 years (10 for junior course)

All inclusive package includes:
boat pick up/drop off in Kep
4 days/3 nights accommodation on Koh Seh
3 meals per day
all learning materials
certification costs
use of full scuba equipment
unlimited drinking water, coffee, tea
Price: 480$ per person

Advanced Adventurer Course – further knowledge, experience and skills in scuba diving including 5 open water dives in different specialty areas, among other a deep dive. Required time: 2 days. Minimum age: 15 (12 for junior course)

All inclusive package includes: see Open Water Diver Course but with 2 days/2 nights accommodation

Price: 440$ per person. If you take the Open Water Diver and the Advanced Adventurer Courses together the total price is 820$ (100$ discount).

Higher level courses such as Diver Stress $ Rescue and Divemaster are also available on request.

As our resources are limited and we have to give preference to the diving training of the volunteers joining Marine Conservation Cambodia please book ahead!

Mobile: +855 86382886

Island Divers Cambodia on Koh Seh Island in Cambodia.

Island Divers Cambodia on Koh Seh Island in Cambodia.



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